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Most frequent questions

Calls & Challenges


How can I create a challenge or call on jointcreate?

Creating a challenge or call on jointcreate is similar to adding your organization:

  1. Go to the Organizations – Section
  2. Click on the Red-Plus-Button to open up another tab with a form.
  3. Fill in the asked information.
  4. Important: To show it as a challenge, you have the click the button ‘yes’ at the top of the form.
  5. After filling everything out, click create at the bottom and you have successfully added a challenge on jointcreate.


How can I create or modify the challenge timeline?

By creating your challenge on jointcreate, you are able now to add a timeline as well. There are four phases:

  1. Submission phase
  2. jointcreating phase (optional)
  3. Evaluation phase
  4. Awarding

You can modify this challenge timeline whenever you want to.


How can I add my venture to a challenge?

When you have an idea or a solution to a published challenge, then you can submit it as your venture to this challenge.

  1. Click on the challenge, which you would like to add your venture to.
  2. Scroll down to the venture – Section and find the Submit-Button there.
  3. Click this button and another tab opens up with a form to fill out.
  4. Fill out the asked information. Important: as Lead Organization fill in your company where you are working at and in the ‘Submit your venture’ – section type in the title of the challenge you would like to add your venture to.
    It is very important, that you type in the right title of the challenge otherwise it won’t be added and therefore not be visible for the challenge admin.
  5. When you’re finished, you can click the ‘Create’-button and you have successfully added your venture to a challenge.

Besides, you can also add your already created venture to a challenge or call.

  1. Go to your venture.
  2. Scroll down to the part ‘submit my venture to an organization or challenge’
  3. Type in there the right title of the challenge you would like to add your venture to.
  4. Click save and you have successfully added your venture to a challenge.

Ideas & Ventures


How can I create my own venture on jointcreate?

When you have a project idea that you want to share with the jointcreate community without adding it to a challenge, you can simply publish it on the Ideas & Ventures – Section.

  1. Go to the Ideas & Ventures – Section.
  2. Click on the Red-Plus-Button to open another tab and fill in all important information about your venture.
  3. Important: If you don’t want to add your venture to a challenge or another organization, then you don’t have to fill out the ‘Submit your Venture to a Challenge or Organization’ – Section.
  4. Invite your team members to your venture when they haven’t registered on jointcreate yet. When they have you can just add them as your team members by typing in their names.


Can I already add my venture on jointcreate even though I don’t have all details?

You already can add your venture on jointcreate, even though you don’t have all details yet. After you created your venture, you are able to change or modify your information at any time.


Who can see my ventures on jointcreate?

When you are creating your venture on jointcreate, there is the Level of Disclosure – Button that you can decide on how open/closed the venture should be. If only the admin and team members should see information about the venture, you should set it as private. But if you want to look for other team members and experts, it needs to visible to everyone, therefore it needs to be open.

After publishing your venture, you are able to change this Level of Disclosure at any time.



How can I get in touch with a jointcreate user?

To get in touch with someone, you can easily click on their profile and message them directly. Your conversation will show up in your Messages-Section privately.

Important: when you click the ‘Share’-Button on a user’s profile, then you share this particular person to your community on jointcreate. You are not contacting this person specifically in private.


What happens when I follow someone?

When you follow a jointcreate user, then you will get all updates in your Message-Section about their activities on jointcreate.



How can I add events on jointcreate?

The easiest way to create an event on jointcreate, is to go to the Events-Section and click the Red-Plus-Button. Another tab opens with an event form. Please fill out all important information about your event and click create to publish it.

Important: if you don’t want to publish an event right away and save it first only as a draft, then you have to change the state of the event from ‘published’ to ‘created’. The state of the event is visible on the top. You can change the state of the event at any time.


How can I delete my published event on jointcreate?

When your event is cancelled, then you can change the state of your event any time. So you can change it from ‘published’ to ‘cancelled’ or ‘passed’ when it already took place. Therefore it won’t be shown and visible for the community anymore.


Who can see the published events?

When you published your event, then it is visible to the whole community on jointcreate. This is a good opportunity to spread your events.



How can I add my organization on jointcreate? And who is able to do this?

To add your organization to the jointcreate community, you need to be able to do this first. Please check in with your organization to get the responsibility as an admin of your company.

After this you can create the organization as followed:

  1. Go to the Organizations – Section. There you can see an overview of all organizations on jointcreate.
  2. For adding your organization, click on the Red-Plus-Button and another tab with a form to fill in all your information about the organization opens.
  3. Important: You need to add your organization’s logo and a suitable photo that characterizes your company properly. Please don’t fill in the logo as a picture to describe your company. If you don’t add these, you won’t be able to save your organization on jointcreate.
  4. You can add your working colleagues to your organization by adding stakeholder, but they need to be jointcreate users.

To show Organization as Challenge: here you also have the opportunity to show your organization also as a challenge, that means when your organization is looking for some interesting projects, then you can click the button at the top to yes or no. Your organization/challenge will show up in the Calls&Challenges-Section. Read more about it in the FAQ – Challenges&Calls Section above.


How can I get in touch with an organization?

If you are interested in an organization, then you can follow them in order to get all news and updates about this particular organization.

The other option to get in touch with a person behind the organization, is to contact the initiator or admin of the organization on jointcreate.



How can I message someone in private?

The easiest way to message someone in private is to click the button ‘Message me’ which is places mostly under the profile picture.

You can find and read your conversation in your Message-Section where you also get notifications that someone messaged you.


Are conversations with other users private or public?

In general, the conversations via the ‘Message me’- Button are private. Private notifications, messages or news are outlined with a blue frame, that means it is only visible for you.


What happens when I share something? Can I share something specifically with someone?

When you share an event, venture or person, then it is visible for everybody. The notification does not have a blue frame.

About profiles and jointcreate


What is the moodboard on the left in my profile for?

The moodboard in your profile should describe you as a person and innovator. Choose the picture of each category that describes you the best. You can also see the pictures that others have chosen.


Is jointcreate chargeable?

jointcreate is free of charge for the users. In the future there will be a pricing modell that includes charging for the corporates.