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We put your project idea or challenge in the spotlight

Jointcreate is a co-creation and community platform that promotes the open innovation approach. We put your project idea or challenge in the spotlight and enable you to work on it together with other stakeholders. We help you find talents, funders and market partners to turn your idea into a successful product.

Become part of the jointcreate community

Publish a call with your problem and find specific ideas

Put your project idea in the spotlight

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How you create innovations on jointcreate

Looking for ideas to solve your problem?

Open your innovation process and publish your problem in a call. Examples of a call are ideas competitions or hackathons.

Find innovative and groundbreaking ideas from the community among the posted projects.

Realize project ideas together with the community.

Looking for resources to make your project idea a reality?

Present your project idea to the community and make it visible in the idea pool.

Find experts in the community who will work with you to advance your project idea. Invite them to become part of your team.

Find organizations that accelerate the implementation of your project idea. Invite them to your project.

Realize your project idea together with the community.

You would like to participate in a project?

Become part of the jointcreate community and show your expertise.

Find suitable project ideas and check their resource requirements. Apply and become part of the team.

Realize the project idea together with the team. Become part of the solution.

Join the open innovation community

Enable collaboration far beyond the boundaries of your organization and increase your competitiveness with open innovation.

What’s in for you on jointcreate?

Calls and Challenges

Publish your call or challenge and find solutions for your problem within the community. Examples of a call for proposals are idea competitions or hackathons.

l’Idée de Projet

Present your project idea to the community to find experts who will work with you to advance your project idea.


Use the community to let others know who you are, what you stand for, and what your interests are. Your profile is your personal storyboard where others can find you and your expertise.


Create your own workshops, meetings or conferences to get in touch with the community and exchange ideas. Sign up for exciting event yourself.


Organizations introduce themselves and show their expertise. Follow the most exciting organizations and project initiators to make sure you don't miss a call that suits you.


Exchange ideas with the community, contact people and stay in dialog. Find out what moves the community. Stay up to date by receiving the weekly summary email..

Who is part of the jointcreate community?

We are a community that is convinced of open innovation and works together on the solutions of tomorrow. Our community is made up of representatives from business, academia and the public sector.


Open up your company's innovation process and publish your problems and projects to get solution ideas from the community.

Public Sector

Promote your location by showcasing your innovation activities. Publish calls with your problems and solve them in a participative way.


Submit your research project and share it with others or create a call for a specific problem to find solutions.

Innovation Organizations

Show your project ideas and find partners to increase your innovation speed.


Show your idea and find partners who will develop solutions with you.

Who are we?

Jointcreate is a community that lives the open innovation approach. In 2019 jointcreate was launched as a project by Adrian Bachofen and Sem Mattli on behalf of jointcreate Corp. together with the founding partners. The community is supported by various companies, research institutions and the public sector.

The platform officially went online on January 20, 2021. Since then jointcreate has grown continuously into a valuable open innovation community that wants to get involved in projects and innovative challenges.

Our Values



We value and respect the different ideas, approaches and competencies of the community. We welcome different perspectives and viewpoints, seeing them as a crucial input factor for open innovation. All suggestions are treated without prejudice and equally. We support goal-oriented challenging to strengthen the ideas at the same time.



Open innovation thrives on the contributions of those involved. Users contribute as actively as possible within the framework of their resources and goals. In the spirit of the fairness mentioned above, we strive for a balance between give and take.



We attach great importance to honesty, integrity and transparency. Every user behaves fairly towards others.



Maintaining an appropriate standard of professionalism is a matter of course for us. When sharing, editing and creating information, results and other output, we always pay attention to high quality.

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